Cyril de Catheu

Cyril de Catheu

Data Engineer


Hey, I’m Cyril.

I’m a data engineer, currently at AB Tasty. CS and NLP engineer by education, I am based in Paris.
My engineering interest lies in streaming systems, data warehousing, data quality, and exploration/exploitation problems. In terms of business, I’m mostly interested in cloud offerings, open-source business models, and engineering tools/platforms.

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about NLP. After a year and a half with exactly zero article, I finally admitted I was not interested (and relevant) anymore in the field. Nowadays, I’m mostly sharing podcasts I find interesting and little news.

Outside of technology, I am a long-distance runner at the Stade Français. This blog will never deal with running but feel free to check me out on Strava.

Any questions or projects, you can contact me through: