Cyril de Catheu

Cyril de Catheu

ML engineer

Hey, I’m Cyril.

I’m a machine learning engineer at AB Tasty. CS and NLP engineer by education, I am based in Paris.
My NLP interest lies in language modeling, semantic textual similarity, word sense disambiguation, and regularization by data augmentation.
In terms of engineering, I’m mostly interested in decision services, end-to-end contextual bandits platform, online learning and streaming systems.

This blog grew out of frustration with the NLP research and applications being severely biased towards the most spoken languages: english and mandarin. Digging further, I realized french resources about almost every must know modern data engineering and machine learning subjects were non-existent. This is especially true
for open source softwares and real world applications.
I hope this blog helps grow the french speaking NLP and ML communities, or at least bring some technical content in French on the web.
If I have time, I’ll translate the articles in English, but you should expect the French version of the website to have more content.

Outside of technology, I am also a long distance runner at the Stade Français. This blog will never deal with running so feel free to check me out on Strava, or listen to my coach on Spotify and Apple podcast (french content).

Any question or project, you can contact me through: