Cyril de Catheu

Cyril de Catheu

Data Engineer


La crème de la crème

Academics and learning

  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications - Martin Kleppmann
    Foundations of data engineering.
  • Head First Design Patterns - Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson
    Entertaining book. Try the O’reilly “Head First” series with this one. Also, try to get the first edition, the new one looks bad.
  • Effective Java - Joshua Bloch
    Idiomatic, high-quality Java. Makes you think deeply about the language.
  • Streaming Systems - Tyler Akdiau, Slava Chernyak, Reuven Lax
    Foundations of distributed computing for streaming. Starting with 101 and 102 is enough.
  • Code Complete - Steve McConnell
    Decades of trenches knowledge distilled. Reading this book instantaneously makes you a better developer.
  • Refactoring - Martin Fowler
    I didn’t like this book at first. I found it way too verbose and procedural. Important ideas tend to be hidden by useless repetitive explanations. Still, I cant’ deny it had a major impact on how I approach changes in big codebases.
  • Concurrency in practice - Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes, Doug Lea
    Threads are tricky. Used as a reference.
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, - Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig
    Foundations of AI. Nice to use as a reference.
  • Deep Learning with Python - François Chollet
    A hands-on practical book to build Deep Learning models. Excellent ROTI.
  • Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments - Ron Kohavi, Diane Tang, Ya Xu
    Years of hard-earned knowledge in a simple, actionable book. Great for both left-to-right read and reference.


  • Brave New World - Aldous Huxley A totalitarian regime with Western methods.
  • 1984 - George Orwell
    A totalitarian regime with Eastern methods.
  • The Robot series - Isaac Asimov The beginning of the Robot series is actually about debugging automatons. Kinda like post-mortems stories.




  • Asterix in Switzerland - René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
    French “Bédé” at its best.
  • Cigarettes : Le dossier sans filtre - Pierre Boisserie, Stéphane Brangier
    Exceptionally well-documented graphical document about the tobacco business in all its aspects: historical, economic, marketing, medical, political, environmental. Eye-opening.
  • Il faut flinguer Ramirez - Nicolas Petrimaux
    Modern French comic. Makes fun of American film productions of a certain epoch, with nice humor and impactful arts.
  • Le monde sans fin - Christophe Blain (Illustrator), Jean-Marc Jancovici
    Jancovici is a famous figure in France. He works on global warming causes and solutions. This comic is an easy read that gives a cohesive view of the problem.

US Comics

  • Watchmen - Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, John Higgins
    The monument. Apart from all other possible praises, I find the coloring amazing.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley
    Inside the troubled mind of the Batman.