Cyril de Catheu

Cyril de Catheu

Data Engineer

Podcasting Pearl #2: Turn big unknowns into focused projects.

Product Management: working on the unknowns, understanding what better means, and building for it.

Story: ERP. Clients asking for a calendar in the app. Building a calendar can get complex. Focus on WHEN the calendar was needed. The solution becomes a calendar with dots only, combined with a list of events. Clicking on a day scroll tge list at the corresponding day.
The real problem was that the list alone did not allow to see the free space.

It’s not about being better than others, it’s about a status quo. Does the solution brings something to change the status quo ? If good design, then yes.

Bad: take a ton of use cases, drop them all on the table, and think building all of these will make people happy.

Key points:

  • Don’t ship stuff that’s gonna be in your way in the future.
  • Don’t troll with a net, hunt with a spear.

A clients wants permission management.
Bad: start user research and needs collection for permission management.
Good: understand when the problem surfaced.
The story: a contractor archived a project without knowing it would impact everybody. Solution: more warning at archiving.

For interaction workflows: instead of focusing on the user (needs), focus on the path of actions that lead to the user problem. Try to change this path of actions, at any point in the path, not necessarily at the end.